Ashley's Story

During Ashley's fight for life she worried more about others than herself. She felt that pretty sheets made the room a lot more like home and wished all pediatric ICU kids could have them. Ashley designed a t-shirt, began to share her dream and #ASHLEYSTRONG was born.

Sheets began to come from our local friends and soon after all across the county. She was excited to get well, go home and pass them out herself. Ashley was strong, sweet and giving. She inspired all who came in contact with her with her beautiful smile.

"Make each new day count by helping someone or just making someone smile."

Ashley's Poem

When you're feeling down
And the sky is looking gray
Please try to remember that
Tomorrow is another day

They call it the present because
Each day is a gift
Let these sheets remind you if home
And give you a little lift

Reach down deep and know
That these hard times will end
And with time and patience
Your body will mend

I know because I've been there
And very, very blue
I truly, truly understand you

Although this torture
Lasts far too long
You need to remember,
If you want to get home
You have to stay strong!

Although we have not met
One another
I think of you as a
Sister or brother

We share a common connection
Of strength and fight
So please, keep reaching forward
Knowing that after this dark night

Tomorrow will come
And you, will see the sun!

So keep telling yourself
I'm getting out!
That soon I will dance and
Scream and shout

This hospital stay
Is at an end!
And you ARE going HOME my friend!!!

Thank you for spreading smiles.

Something as simple as soft uplifting sheets can bring a smile to any hospital bound child with an illness. We kindly ask you to open your hearts and bring some sunshine to a sick child's room.